Pet Portrait Portfolio

Likely you can tell that dogs are a big favorite for me, but I welcome all critters, in all shapes and sizes. Each has their own special place in someones life, and fills a roll that nothing else in life could fill. With both realistic pet portraits and caricature pet portraits, there is something for everyone to showcase their pet’s awesomeness and personality.

Pet Portrait Showcase

I love using black outlines and background colours that enhance the animals appearance, making the piece look realistic, yet maintaining a specific style. The digital medium has allowed me to further experiment with this, and I’m truly grateful to have discovered this mode of creation, and making the jump from paint on canvas and pencil on paper to a digital medium. These portraits are true to life, but with a special touch of creativity.

Blended Pet Portrait Showcase

A mix between caricature pet portraits and regular pet portraits, and at the perfect price point! Bold lines, eye catching colours, and personality plus with these blended portraits.

Caricature Pet Portrait Showcase

I love, love, love doing caricatures!! This is my favorite way to capture a pet as I can showcase their true personality along side their silly quirks and antics. And a huge bonus is making people laugh … and they say laughter is the best medicine.

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