My name is Julie … and I’m an artist …

I have been creating art for as many years as I can remember (well, probably longer than I can remember … the old memory just doesn’t go back as far as it used to). Art; drawing and painting, have always been a staple in my life and something that I enjoyed, used as an outlet, and even as a relaxation technique. Truth be told, I think I passed chemistry in high school for the sole reason that I drew on all my assignments and the teacher appreciated the effort (once upon a time, I did know the periodic table, but memorizing that didn’t help my chances in that class).

My imagination runs wild … always. That’s why I don’t watch horror movies. But my imagination allows me to create unique pieces for my clients that exude feeling, style and emotion.

I love animals, and they are usually the focal point of my pieces, but of course, nature goes hand and hand with the animal kingdom, and you will find many “natural” pieces in my collection of work as well as produce … I have a thing for fruits and veggies with eyes. Dogs are a main stay though. I have a love affair with them, and, well, being a dog trainer, and seeing people work with their dogs every day, makes it that much more enjoyable to create a portrait of someone’s best friend.

I am passionate about my art and enjoy capturing a moment in time for my clients, be it a forest on a winters day or a recently passed pet whom touched the heart of their owner. I also enjoy making people laugh, smile and think … thinking might be a bit over-rated but laughing and smiling aren’t … they keep you healthy.

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